Need inspiration for your next all hands, holiday event, or onboarding cycle? Tackle team building projects with others industry leading EAs.

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Each week our team at Mystery will be sharing event and morale ideas to shape your coming week. As well, we encourage you to ask us and the community members for best practices related to upcoming projects. 

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Morale is a one stop shop. Leave behind complicated forums, dense articles, and unnecessary meetings. Morale grants a space to ask specific questions around team building events and morale.

When faced with questions only an EA could answer, where do you turn? Slack communities unlock the power of collaboration and peer support in real time with EAs from across the country.

Morale exists on Slack, a streamline and secure platform. Adding a workspace to your existing slack is hassle free, customizable, and familiar.

A virtual team building community.


Does this platform require a premium subscription?

No, this community is free and fully accessible to all. A premium subscription does not exist.

Is this platform exclusively for Executive Assistants?

This platform is moderated for Executive Assistants. However, for those in positions where subject matter pertains to calendaring, team building, executive/team planning, event planning within hybrid work please feel free to join.


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Is the Slack Community secure and safe to use?

Yes, Slack is the leader in effectively providing space for collaboration within teams and communities. Compliance and security are pillars to this platform. Learn more at:

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Improve employee morale and empathy within your team.

Join a community focused on strengthening connection amongst teams. Ask questions and collaborate with thought leaders who are creating exemplary hybrid workplaces.

EAs are the lifeline to a team's productivity, connectivity, and morale. 

This community provides an accessible platform for like-minded EAs to collaborate and share best practices in team morale and productivity. A community owned and operated by passionate EAs.

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